19th Annual
Acadia Birding Festival

Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor, Maine
(Acadia National Park)
Keynote Speakers 2017:
Pete Dunne, Nancy McAllister, and Luke Seitz
June 1-4, 2017


Don't miss our special dedicated PELAGIC SEABIRD BOAT TRIP - Saturday morning (June 3, 2017).


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Since the 1930s, the Federal Duck Stamps have contributed over $850 million and have helped to protect 5.5 million acres of habitat for wildlife and future generations. Purchase your stamp by clicking on the stamp above  or purchase from the US Post Office.



Each year, the Acadia Birding Festival gives back to the local community by presenting the Environmental Stewardship Award (and a donation) to one or two organizations that focus on protecting and improving habitats and ecosystems, and/or educating the public about the importance of habitat preservation.  If not for these special places of protected land, we would not have the diversity of bird and wildlife that so many of you come to enjoy.

2015 Awards

Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Somesville, is a non-profit organization that conducts environmental research, restoration and education programs related to the local environment. The Sanctuary protects and conserves over 230 acres of forested and wetland areas surrounding Somes Pond, and provides public access to these areas through a well-maintained trail system. They provide a variety of year-round public and school education programs in natural history and conservation topics related to the local environment. The Sanctuary’s headquarters building overlooking Somes Pond offers the perfect natural setting for public education programs and is a popular meeting/retreat space for other organizations.

Penobscot Watershed Eco Center, located in Bar Harbor, has a mission "to increase our understanding and appreciation for the Character, History and Future of the Penobscot River Watershed." The Center features the Living Web exhibit, highlighting cultural and ecosystem connections from the headwaters to the sea, using the Penobscot River, from Mount Katahdin to the Penobscot Bay, as a focal point. Interconnections between the natural history and human history in the Penobscot watershed is used as a teaching tool to emphasize the importance of restoring the alewives and other important diadromous fish that migrate along traditional routes from Katahdin to the sea.

2014 Awards

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, with a local office in Somesville, conserves and stewards Maine's coastal lands and islands for their renowned scenic beauty, ecological value, outdoor recreational opportunities, and contribution to community well-being. MCHT provides statewide conservation leadership through its work with land trusts, coastal communities and other partners. MCHT's organizational values include: A commitment to voluntary land conservation, embracing the highest ethical standards, dedication to excellence in their work, and working in a collaborative, pragmatic and problem solving fashion.

Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands, located in Rockland, is a non-profit, community-based organization founded in 2003 by local individuals dedicated to supporting the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge in its efforts to conserve, protect and enhance the rich diversity of coastal habitats, seabirds and other wildlife.

2013 Award

Frenchman Bay Partners is located in Bar Harbor. Its mission is to ensure that the Frenchman Bay area is ecologically, economically and socially healthy and resilient in the face of future challenges. The vision of the Frenchman Bay Partners is a healthy and sustainable future for Frenchman Bay where multiple users can enjoy the inherent beauty and benefit from the ecological and economic viability of the bay.  The ABF 2013 award went specifically to Jane Disney to further her research on eelgrass in Frenchman's Bay. Eelgrass is an ecologically and economically valuable marine flowering plant which provides habitat to a variety of marine organisms, serves as a food source for others, and helps to stabilize sediments and improve water quality.





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