19th Annual
Acadia Birding Festival

Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor, Maine
(Acadia National Park)
Keynote Speakers 2017:
Pete Dunne, Laura Erickson, and Luke Seitz
June 1-4, 2017


Don't miss our special dedicated PELAGIC SEABIRD BOAT TRIP - Saturday morning (June 3, 2017).


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The Local Patch  
with Jen Brumfield - Thursday 7:00pm
The phenomenal joy of birds and birding spans from backyard feeders to local parks and state hotspots, to national and worldwide destinations. Birds can be found in every nook and cranny of urban cities, along dusty countryside vistas, vast deserts, and 14,000 foot peaks. In the past 5 years a major resurgence of "big years" and list-keeping has spawned a fresh and immensely important appreciation for local patch birding-- a movement to drive and encourage both youth and adults to focus birding efforts in their backyards, local parks, city, and county. In 2012 and 2013 Jen took her city by storm in an intense big year in Cuyahoga County. Jen's presentation celebrates the remarkable adventures and tales of those incredible back to back years, the tools available to this new world of birders, and the absolute thrills to be found in pouring your birding efforts into finding and enjoying birds on YOUR piece of the planet.

Restoring Endangered Seabirds: Lessons from Puffins and Terns  
with Steve Kress - Friday 7:00pm
Dr. Steve Kress, Director of National Audubon Society's Seabird Restoration Program, will review how techniques developed on Maine islands have led to the restoration of puffins and terns to historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine. Dr. Kress will also discuss how techniques developed in Maine are helping seabirds worldwide. His lecture includes reviews of several case studies in seabird restoration including restoration of Common Murres in California to relocation of Short-tailed Albatross off of an active volcano in Japan and efforts to save the endangered Bermuda Petrel from rising oceans and increased frequency of hurricanes.


Today's Office  
with Sharon "Birdchick" Stiteler
Saturday 5:30pm

Sharon's goal is to get paid to go bird watching and her offices can be in the middle of the Kazakh Steppes or flying 100 feet above the Mississippi River counting ducks.  She chronicles her many adventures of finding birds and suitable bathrooms. She'll talk about finding Horned Guans in Guatemala or Sandwich Terns in a nudist colony.  She weaves wonderful, funny stories into a delightful and entertaining evening.






Birding By Ear
with Bob Duchesne - Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
Kick off the festival with this special workshop to help you learn all those confusing songs eminating from the forest. It can be frustrating when you can't see those birds singing high in the trees or just out of sight in the dense thicket. Just six simple tips will help you organize what you are hearing and demystify birding-by-ear. The program trains you to take advantage of bird song information you already know. The presentation will focus on bird sounds that are commonly heard in Maine, but the principles are useful anywhere.




eBird: Introduction and Tutorial
with Doug Hitchcox - Friday 11:00-noon

The eBird website (ebird.org) is an increasingly popular website for birders to keep their personal records, access information about recent sightings, plan birding trips, and ask questions about bird occurrence. Come learn why so many people love eBird and how you can start using it too, or use it more effectively, to get the most out of it. Free and open to everyone, from casual birders to scientists and conservationists, the eBird database includes more than 110 million observations and collects millions more each month.

Seabird ID Workshop
with Doug Hitchcox - Friday 4:30-5:30pm

Ever get frustrated trying to identify those fast moving, far away pelagic seabirds on a rocking boat? Join us to learn techniques on how to improve your skills so you too can be the first to spot and id a jaegar, or shearwater, maybe even a fulmar, and tell the difference between razorbills and murres, and Wilson's and Leach's Storm-petrel as they dance across the water. If you are scheduled to be aboard the pelagic seabird boat trip Saturday morning, this talk is sure to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner, or already experienced seabirder, you're sure to take home some new information about identifying pelagic species.

(Classroom & Field Trip)

with Kevin Loughlin (Wildside Nature Tours)
2:00-4:00pm & Sun 7:00-10:00am
Part 1: Classroom Photo Workshop
(Saturday 2:00-4:00pm)
Do you enjoy taking photos of birds and the natural world? Are you often disappointed with how your photos turn out, but can't figure out what went wrong? Join professional nature photographer and tour leader, Kevin Loughlin, for a fun and informative "Basics of Digital Nature Photography Workshop." Learn simple techniques to improve your photography. Explore the major elements that make a photograph a wall-hanger rather than a trash liner. Discover helpful tricks, through classroom instruction and a presentation that will excite and inspire any budding photographer!
Part 2: Field Photography Trip to Thuya Garden
(Sunday 7:00-10:00am)
"Hands-on" is the best way to learn. Practice, practice, practice is how you get better! This fun field trip with professional nature photographer and tour leader, Kevin Loughlin, will expand upon what was learned in the previous day's classroom session and allow budding photographers to practice professional techniques in the local hotspots. Kevin will be available to participants, sharing his knowledge and offering immediate feedback to questions and needs to help boost your skills to the next level!  (NOTE: Requires previous day classroom attendance)

Movie: The Messenger
Sunday 10:30-noon

THE MESSENGER is an artful investigation into the causes of songbird mass depletion and the compassionate people who are working to turn the tide. The film takes viewers on a visually stunning journey revealing how the problems facing birds also pose daunting implications for our planet and ourselves. A MUST SEE!






Smart Phone Birding Apps
Smart Phone Birding
with Sharon Stiteler - Sunday 1:30-4:00pm

Smart phones have changed birding. You can take out multiple field guides, get real time bird reports and take incredible photos and videos of your favorite birds. This program gives you the latest information on how to maximize your phone for birding.  After learning the techniques, the group will go out and put them into practice.





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