18th Annual
Acadia Birding Festival

Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor, Maine
(Acadia National Park)
Keynote Speakers 2016:
Stephen Kress, Jen Brumfield, Sharon Stiteler
June 2-5, 2016


Don't miss our special dedicated PELAGIC SEABIRD BOAT TRIP - Saturday morning (June 4).


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(from 2015.... please come back later to see 2016 info)


Forecasting Fallouts and Studying SNOWstorms

with David La Puma - Thursday 7:00pm
Our observational relationship with birds goes back to prehistoric times, yet in this most recent century we have made technological leaps forward that allow us to visualize birds in ways never before possible. From turning on the lights to nocturnal migration via radar technology, to the miniaturization of tracking devices that we can put on individual birds, our understanding of migration is growing exponentially each year. These abilities have led to both a wealth of new knowledge, as well as many new questions. Join the director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, David La Puma, as he demonstrates how radar technology can be used to study habitat use by migrant songbirds, and how advances in remote transmitters can tell us about the behavior of Snowy Owls.

Birds and the Undiscovered World  
with Kenn Kaufman - Friday 7:00pm
The advances of modern science and the reality of instant global communication may lead us to assume that everything in our world is well known. But this is an illusion: in fact, the unknown is all around us, beginning right outside our doors and stretching out to the horizon. A close look at the world of birds and nature is enough to remind us that we are still surrounded by fascinating mysteries. In this program, Kenn weaves a story that ties together the great sea voyages of the 15th century, the wilderness of every American back yard, and the power of personal observation to rekindle our sense of wonder.


Principles and Pitfalls of Field Identification
with Kenn Kaufman - Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
What does it take to develop more skill at bird identification -- to be able to recognize more of the birds we find? It's not simply a matter of learning field marks. Often we can memorize all the field marks for a species and still have trouble identifying it, while in other cases we may recognize a bird without seeing any traditional field marks at all. In this program, Kenn will talk about some basic principles that apply to all birds, principles that make it possible to name birds with more accuracy and confidence. He'll also discuss some surprising pitfalls of ID, and how to avoid being tripped up by them.


Seabird ID Workshop
with Louis Bevier - Friday 4:30-5:30pm

Ever get frustrated trying to identify those fast moving, far away pelagic seabirds on a rocking boat? Join Louis Bevier to learn techniques on how to improve your skills so you too can be the first to spot and id a jaegar, or shearwater, maybe even a fulmar, and tell the difference between razorbills and murres, and Wilson's and Leach's Storm-petrel as they dance across the water. If you are scheduled to be aboard the pelagic seabird boat trip Saturday morning, this talk is sure to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner, or already experienced seabirder, you're sure to take home some new information from Louis, whose id skills are exceptional.

Photography (Classroom & Field Trip)
with Kevin Loughlin (Wildside Nature Tours)
1:30-3:30pm & Sun 7:00-10:00am
Part 1: Classroom Photo Workshop
(Saturday 1:30-3:30pm)
Do you enjoy taking photos of birds and the natural world? Are you often disappointed with how your photos turn out, but can't figure out what went wrong? Join professional nature photographer and tour leader, Kevin Loughlin, for a fun and informative "Basics of Digital Nature Photography Workshop." Learn simple techniques to improve your photography. Explore the major elements that make a photograph a wall-hanger rather than a trash liner. Discover helpful tricks, through classroom instruction and a presentation that will excite and inspire any budding photographer!
Part 2: Field Photography Trip to Thuya Garden
(Sunday 7:00-10:00am)
"Hands-on" is the best way to learn. Practice, practice, practice is how you get better! This fun field trip with professional nature photographer and tour leader, Kevin Loughlin, will expand upon what was learned in the previous day's classroom session and allow budding photographers to practice professional techniques in the local hotspots. Kevin will be available to participants, sharing his knowledge and offering immediate feedback to questions and needs to help boost your skills to the next level!  (NOTE: Requires previous day classroom attendance)

The Dozen Most Important Things You Can Do For Birds, Bird Conservation, and Birding
with Paul Baicich - Saturday 4:30-5:30pm
Doomsday predictions and personal self-denial are not necessarily the best approaches to addressing bird-oriented issues. To help birds you are not required to slash your wrists. In this talk, Paul Baicich will identify the five most serious threats to birds today and then outline the dozen modest - but highly effective - things we can all do that will help birds, their habitats, and, ultimately, their future... as well as our own. This is a positive approach to our future, to real things that all of us can do.





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