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Refund Policy

If you cancel your registration by May 15 (by email), a refund, less a $25 fee, will be made to you. After May 15, there will be no refunds. "No-Shows" will not be refunded. Acadia Birding Festival reserves the right to cancel a field trip, program or activity for any reason. In the event this becomes necessary, we will notify you and issue a refund. If trips are cancelled, especially due to weather conditions, some may be rescheduled. If they cannot be rescheduled, they will be refunded. If a rescheduled trip conflicts with one you have already registered for, you may pick which one you would like cancelled and refunded. There will be no refunds for foul weather except for trips ABF cancels.

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Waiver of Liability for Acadia Birding Festival (a Maine non-profit corporation)

As a registered participant in 2024 Acadia Birding Festival I hereby waive any right to sue (or present any claim) by myself, my heirs or representatives for damages which occur during or in association with the festival where such damages are caused in whole or in part by the acts of omission (negligent or otherwise) of Acadia Birding Festival; the festival’s sponsoring organizations, locations, or businesses; or the members, directors, officers, agents or employees of all of such entities. I am fully aware of the potential hazards associated with the Acadia Birding Festival activities, such as hiking, boating, motor vehicle use, catered food, and all other activities. I voluntarily assume all risk of property damage, personal injury, or death sustained by me or any minor children during the event. By checking below I agree with the terms of the Refund Policy and Waiver of Liability as outlined above.

All participants must wear a face mask (not a bandana) during all indoor events.

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